Naturheilpraxis Heide Volle

- natürlich gesund -

Welcome to Naturopathic Medicine

We offer you:

Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy

- Pain and malfunctions:
     head, vertebra, joints
- Dysbalances
- Depression, fatigue, stress
- Problems of the TMJ
- Rehabilitation after accident / trauma

- Anti-tabac
- Loose weight - feel free and easy
- Strengthening resilience Anti-stress - strengthening resilience

- Anxiety, fear, panic attacks
- Trauma
- Psychosomatic medicine
- Self esteem
- Resources
- Sleep well

Reiki and Energetic Touch
Relaxation and healing

Program 'tinnitus'

Program 'anti-stress'

Workshops and trainings:
Craniosacral therapy, hypnosis and Reiki (all degrees)

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Tel: 00216-50460220